Pastel or Mixed Media

Four 2 hour classes – $125

Semi private adult classes minimum 4 students.

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Pastel Class

In this class we will work with charcoal and hard and soft pastels to learn the different effects of each. By applying pastel to various types of papers we will also discover which papers lend themselves to this medium and which finish appeals to you. You will discover your own personal signature as you draw from still life setups, the clothed model, and working “en plein air.”

Nupastels and Rembrandt are both hard to semi hard and are useful in creating a hard edge. Sennelier and Schmike, and there are others, are soft and will cover large areas.

Join Us Every Tuesday at 2:00pm-4:00pm

Bring the following supplies:
  • Newsprint for beginning excercises 18×24
  • Sturdy backboard 18×24, bulldog clips, or tape
  • Soft vine charcoal
  • Eraser, grey only
  • Small box of 12, Nupastels (other brands do not work as well)
  • Bring small assortment of soft pastels (not oil pastels)
  • Pastel Paper, Canson Mientes 18×24, toned, not white
  • Uart Sandpaper, cut to size 12×16
  • Handi-wipes/latex gloves
  • Glassine or wax paper to protect work
  • Spray fixative
  • Paper towels

Mixed Media


Bring the following supplies:

  • Bring 18x24 drawing pad (not newsprint)
  • Sturdy clipboard (18x24 or larger)
  • Bull dog clips
  • Soft vine charcoal
  • Pencils
  • Good watercolor brush, preferably sable
  • Watercolors, medium and large brush
  • Illustration board
  • Mat medium, not glossy
  • Water jug and mixing plate
  • Apron or cover-up
  • Handy wipes
  • Saved or purchased papers, favorite pattern or colors
  • Opt. table or portable easel

Semi-private classes for Adults, providing individual attention.

Four 2 hour classes $125.
Semi private classes minimum 4 students.

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